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April 29, 2013

I finally gave some of my products a little photoshoot. This product is a 10×10 Coffee Table Book that I offer to my HS Senior Clients for a Class yearbook. We design the book together and make sure it fits your personality and your awesome shoot. I only offer what I personally like in quality and design. All my products go though an “I” test before I send them out into the world with my clients. Enjoy the look!









October 01, 2012

Hello Everyone,
Quick update for all clients waiting on edits! I had a computer miss hap and had to send my computer into the shop (aka Apple geniuses taking care of this)! There is going to be a week of waiting unfortunately til it gets back and thus throwing off my editing timeline by a week as well. I apologize for any inconvenience this has for your plans but I will be getting back on it as soon as I can to get back on track as fast as I can! If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me. Again my apologies for the break in timeline!

December 30, 2011

My favorite thing about the holidays has got to be the lights! I love the candle lit service on Christmas eve. It makes Christmas real. It reminds me that there was a light given to this world to change it for the better. A light we each hold in our own hands and have the ability to either use it or extinguish it. We use lights to celebrate big moments in our lives, to remember the past, and to wish hope for the future. I hope the light in each of us shines brightly this upcoming new year. Go out and serve your world, be the better version of yourself, embrace the light you were given and offer hope to those fading! We make new years resolutions in the hope of change for the better, this is my resolution for 2012! Will you join in?





May 27, 2011

Spring is here and I’m spring cleaning my equipment room. I have been holding on to equipment I don’t use for over a year now, cuz I just like my stuff, but its time to let goooooooooooooo! From my death grip to your gentle one is the goal. When I started I bought when I could to try all the new stuff. I for some reason don’t believe in renting to try ( wish I did it would have saved me some major moola). Over the trying and buying period I figured out what works for my style of shooting and what doesn’t.  I have a ton of stuff that I got cleaned last year and ready to sell off but  just now getting around to doing it. Most of my equipment has been lightly used other than the camera bodies which is what I started with and so got used a bit until I moved up to my D700!  Everything is in good shape, otherwise I’d never sell it to you,  some pretty much brand new. I’ve done my research on all that I’m putting up and gonna be very fair to what you’d find online at and much better than B&H. If you’re interested or you know of someone shopping around send them over to the blog to check this out, contact me by email at and I’ll send you an invoice on how to proceed through paypal. Thanks so much and happy shopping!

May 19, 2011

I know a little cupboard,
With a teeny tiny key,
And there’s a jar of Lollypops
For me, me, me.

It has a little shelf, my dear,
As dark as dark can be,
And there’s a dish of Banbury Cakes
For me, me, me.

I have a small fat grandmamma,
With a very slippery knee,
And she’s Keeper of the Cupboard,
With a key, key, key.

And when I’m very good, my dear,
As good as good can be,
There’s Banbury Cakes, and Lollypops
For me, me, me.
– Walter De la Mare

All that and a big fat THANK YOU for my lovely cousin Daniela who sent me some goodies from the awesomely delicious SUCRE to enjoy!

May 11, 2011

Here’s a guy that brings my childhood crashing back to me when I hear him. When he starts singing I see myself on a hot summer day riding my bike through the neighborhood and hearing music blasting down the street as my mom calls us in for dinner.  He sings a throwback to the Motown style and mixes it with some modern soul feel. This is the music style that my mom would put on when we took our road trips across the US so I almost feel the need to get in my car when I put him on.  Plus he’s originally from right here in MI! Support the awesomeness that comes out of MI!

May 09, 2011

Khanology and I got together to shoot a shoe fashion idea we’ve been throwing around for bit now, her shoe collection.  I have another one scheduled for this week with my cousin who has an amazing collection herself. Of all the things I’ve been photographing lately I’ve been so happy to get a chance to be shooting for fun with complete control of what the end result will look like. This is a quick view of the fun from the day. If you want to see more of Khanology and her fashion sense you can find her at ! She does a great job of bringing in an array of what will set trends in the near future.

May 04, 2011

Since I’ve been remiss with my inspirational works on music here’s one to definitely add to the collection. A band I’ve been crushing on for quite a bit of time are the Civil Wars! I am in LOVE with their music, their voices are like oh so sweet honey that smoothly trickles down every nerve in your body and excites all your senses. If I could take my life and put a melody to it as of this moment the Civil Wars would be my soundtrack. Inspiration comes in so many forms but Music is the most transcendent way to move my heart and lull my soul. I hope you find as much inspiration and enjoyment in this band as I have!

April 05, 2011

Saturday was spent driving and rocking-out in and through the neighboring state of Ohio. Liz and I bought tickets to see the awesomely talented Downhere band almost 2 months ago. This trip was our little escape from the humdrum of our overly busy lives. The only thing we should have checked was how far Wilmington, OH was from Detroit (4.5 hours in case you’re wondering)!!! Next time we’ll be more prepared. All and all the actual driving trip was quite pleasant, especially as I kept swerving trying to see more of the hills and valleys that we passed through. If we would have had more time to get to our final destination there would have been more landscapes and details to this post, alas we only stopped in Sidney & Versailles. Yes, there actually is a Sidney & Versailles in OH, but with no actual feel of the represented cities.

We arrived at Joe’s Java, the concert venue, with just enough time to grab ourselves a great parking spot and minimal waiting in the outdoor line. Since we were at a coffee haus I grabbed myself a wonderful latte and got settled in to be apart of a great worship service. The concert was started off with Rush of Fools, a band we had never heard before but we’re loving their sound. Check them out and we’re sure you’ll love their music.

Downhere took the stage to give a bit of love to Worldvision, which is a great cause helping kids across the world and if you’re interested in helping go check out their site. Then they got to business bringing some awesome music to the audience. Their live performance was as good if not better than the studio performances. My measure of how talented a band is goes solely on how well they do live and Downhere rock it! I’ll be there next time they come to town, or near town, but hopefully less than 4 hours away!

This was a great road trip  with a good friend to see an awesome band. How much better can a Saturday get?

February 15, 2011

Yes, the movie was about my life. I’ve been in about 27 weddings, I may admit to more but I might just sound pathetic or easy (take your pick)! Since the age of 11 I’ve played bridesmaid to about every aunt, cousin, friend, and sometimes even to unfamiliar family acquaintance! I think that’s how I got to love documenting such a day, by having been part of so many of them!

One thing I do wish, especially for those early 90’s weddings is that the dress selection would have been more me. I can count on 1 hand the dresses I’ve loved and kept rather than all the others that have been strictly a one day affair. Now on to the good news! BHLDN an Anthropologie special addition has just been released this Valentines Day, and it caters to the whimsical inclined bride and bridesmaid! I’m in love with some of their offerings and really wish to see some of these on my future brides and bridesmaids! I might just be stoping in to buy a few “work attire” dresses for myself! Check this out!

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