September 01, 2011

These two just celebrated their 1 yr aniversary and I figured its time to finally blog their full wedding. Yeah, yeah I’m behind on Wedding blogging but in my defense I feel actually delivering the product to my clients is more important than up-keeping my blog. I might get slaughtered by fellow photographers on this but that’s my fail and I live up to it. I’ve been trying with my session peeks to keep consistent and have been a bit more successful but I’m going to get my blogging gears oiled up and finally committed to posting some full weddings. I’ve been blessed with such wonderful clients who put their amazing personalities into their wedding decor. I am always awed when their details are so right on to who they are as a couple and really reflect their coolness. Cuz lets face it my clients are pretty cool. I’d sport all of them as friends and that’s no lie.
Now back to who the blog is about: Antonia + Brandon! The pictures should tell the story but a bit of behind the scenes info for you: I’ve known Antonia since her brother Val married one of my great friends Andreea. She is such an easy going person that its easy to spend hours with her and feel like time passes too fast. She’s also a style guru, urban chic is her thing and I love seeing her outfits. So when it came to her wedding I knew she was gonna blow me away, plus she had Andreea which is decor queen, her super stylish mom and sisters helping her with every move. I was definitely not let down. 40’s Vintage + Music were the theme and I was in heaven. Brandon being the most chilled groom I’ve ever met looked oh-so-dapper in his coat-tails.

While the toasts were top notch the interpretative dance by Brandon’s youth paster  is one of my favorite to date! I think it should be a new trend, toasts by dance or song! 🙂














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