February 25, 2015

Tiffany and Patrick joined me for some snow fun! We were waiting for the blizzards to hit us and boy did they not disappoint this year. Treading through trails of fields and forests in  snowbanks of 5ft at points, this was definitely a first for all of us! But so worth it, look at the goodies we got! We even finished off the fun with a traditional snowball fight. See the rest of the story unfold in May!

006-TiffPatrick 007-TiffPatrick 008-TiffPatrick 009-TiffPatrick 010-TiffPatrick 011-TiffPatrick 012-TiffPatrick 013-TiffPatrick 014-TiffPatrick 015-TiffPatrick 016-TiffPatrick 017-TiffPatrick 018-TiffPatrick 019-TiffPatrick 020-TiffPatrick 021-TiffPatrick 022-TiffPatrick 023-TiffPatrick 024-TiffPatrick 025-TiffPatrick 026-TiffPatrick 027-TiffPatrick 028-TiffPatrick 029-TiffPatrick 030-TiffPatrick 031-TiffPatrick 032-TiffPatrick 033-TiffPatrick 034-TiffPatrick 035-TiffPatrick 036-TiffPatrick 037-TiffPatrick 038-TiffPatrick 039-TiffPatrick 040-TiffPatrick 041-TiffPatrick 042-TiffPatrick



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