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May 13, 2014

I love these two with my whole heart! I’ve been invited to capture their love since the beginning and I have had a blast through it all! From a summer island proposal, to a fall engagement, and a winter party we come full circle to their spring wedding.







May 16, 2013

This is why I photograph Weddings! Betty and Emanuel make you believe in love every time they look into each others eyes. Enjoy the peek dears!











August 29, 2012

Say hello to my beautiful cousin Emilia and her now husband Bogdan! I got to celebrate with these two in Cluj,Romania at the beginning of this month. They are both insanely in love with each other and each the perfect compliment to the other. He’s always running late but seems to get places just on time, she’s always organizing and making lists to keep things in order. Her apartment had lists even on the walls. I know we are family from this fact alone! lol Their wedding was not only beautiful but personal which makes any wedding that much more for me. Having the ability to fly out to Europe in the middle of my summer season was a blessing in and of itself but having to get out there to celebrate such a joyous occasion was fantastic. I won’t lie, family weddings are my hardest weddings just because my own emotions are tied up into them and I can’t experience them objectively but quite subjectively only. I stress out with the bride and groom like it was my wedding the next day and I can’t help but be involved in the running around the days before. So the bride, groom and I got about 3 hours of sleep combined between us the night of the wedding but thank GOD for the high of adrenaline running through our viens. We got to shoot in amazing locations with awesome people. Bogdan a soccer (football for the europeans)  fan even got us into the soccer (football) stadium and we had some righteous fun running around in there! Emilia + Bogdan, thank you for having me be part of your wedding and I hope your wait for the preview is totally worth it! LOVE ya!

July 23, 2012

Yesterday this amazing couple tied the knot.

The wedding party was kung fu fighting!

February 28, 2011

So now that I’m finally back on track with blogging I figure I start with a pretty june wedding that happened in Ann Arbor. Yellow and grey was the color scheme and I love yellow and grey so I was so excited to capture the hotness. Debora’s dress was so modern and different and she looked stunning in it! Johnny fitted her perfectly with his sharp suit and of course the very awesome yellow skinny tie! Seriously, loved the styling for this wedding. Can you tell?

We started out at the brides house while she was getting ready for her groom to come! Then we headed out to the Law Quad and North Campus for some bridal party shots. Deborah + Johnny wanted a good mix of modern and vintage, Ann Arbor is great for this look. The ceremony was held at Grace Romanian Church and was Skyped to Europe for family and friends who couldn’t make it! Talk about modern times, Skyped I said! The ceremony and reception was hooked up with some great floral styles by the ever lovely Flowers by Nelly! The lemons were a definite win for me! The band featured is part family and friends of the bride and groom and they rocked out! A major thank you to Susan Ashe who was my 2nd and the absolute best!  All and all a great day to see love happen!

December 03, 2010

Way back in April of this year the wedding of two amazing people and friends took place! Its been awhile coming but I finally have a chance to blog it and present it to the internet world! I will have so much to tell for their story that I think I’ll be breaking this up into two parts.

I have to admit the best part about their wedding was the fact that I got to laugh a lot +1! My kind of bride and groom includes a ton of laughter and true enjoyment of a wedding day!

Dana & Andrei have a spark when they are near each other and everyone around them catches on fire. They are both easy going and fun to hang around. Their style is a bit funky and classic which is awesome to blend together for a final Dana & Andrei look. A few April showers were present but nothing that an umbrella for a few minutes couldn’t fix. I loved that they did all their bridal party and bride and groom shots before the ceremony. It just gave such a great flow to the day.

With out further ado the first wedding on the blog this year!

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